About us

About us

Inspekta Group is an engineering service partner creating exceptional value for its customers through a modern and professional approach towards collaboration, partnership and top quality services.  

We have a strong and experienced team of experts, necessary equipment, qualifications as well as innovative thinking. Our aim is to modernise and facilitate various engineering processes for industrial and construction companies.

We share our knowledge by organising vocational training and professional development courses.

As a partner of industry companies we everyday do: certifying, inspecting, testing, maintaining, valuating, training and consulting.

Our laboratory is accredited and carries out testing and inspections, implements quality control and supervision in industrial and construction facilities.

We follow the principles of fairness, transparency and impartiality along with the quality management system that meets the requirements of standards (such as LST EN ISO / IEC 17020, LST EN ISO / IEC 17021, LST EN ISO / IEC 17024, LST EN ISO / IEC 17065, LST EN ISO / IEC 17025) set for control and certification organisations as well as testing laboratories.


Inspekta Group aims to ensure the safety and efficiency of their customers and does this by utilising engineering innovations, i.e. by helping them to assess the quality of products produced as well as compliance with set standards. Through vocational training, professionals can maintain and improve their qualifications.


We aim to become the most modern and potent engineering service partner in Europe.


years of average experience as an expert


vocational training programmes


Certified machine safety expert

Certifications and Accreditations

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